YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2019Ebony Boyce CarterDiabetes phenotypes in pregnancyAssistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
2019Jing Hughes, MD, PhDPrimary cilia regulation of beta cell functionAssistant Professor, Metabolism & Lipid Research
2019Alexxai V. Kravitz, PhDAn inflammatory mechanism underlying persistent obesityAssociate Professor, Psychiatry
2019Kartik Mani, MBBSTargeting protein aggregation in cardiac myocytes – A novel strategy in diabetic cardiomyopathyAssistant Professor, Cardiology
2019Nathan O. Stitzel, MD, PhDCharacterizing the metabolic effects of a novel coronary artery disease geneAssociate Professor, Cardiology
2019Parker C. Wilson, MD, PhDChromatin Conformation and Transcriptional Regulation in Diabetic NephropathyInstructor, Pathology and Immunology
2018Scott Charles Beeman, PhDQuantifying the primary drivers of the hypoxia-driven insulin resistance mechanismAssistant Professor, Radiology
2018Jennifer Powers, PhDAlternate biomarkers for management of diabetes during pregnancyAssistant Professor, Metabolism & Lipid Research
2018Stephen Stone, MDModeling FGF21 signaling defects in insulin mediated pseudoacromegalyInstructor, Pediatrics – Endocrinology
2018Hani Suleiman, MD, PhDRole of glomerular basement membrane composition and architecture in diabetic nephropathyInstructor, Nephrology
2018Michael D.Thompson, MD, PhDTargeting Bile Acid Homeostasis In Offspring Exposed To Maternal ObesityInstructor, Pediatrics – Endocrinology
2017Amy L. Clark, DODefining the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the development of autoimmune diabetesInstructor, Pediatrics – Endocrinology
2017Sarah Ann Eisenstein, PhDNeuroinflammation in obesityAssistant Professor, Psychiatry
2017Ali Javaheri, MD, PhDTargeting cardiomyocyte lysosomal lipolysis to alleviate cardiac complications of diabetesResearch Fellow, Cardiology
2016Brian DeBosch MD, PhDMechanisms of trehalose action in modulating hepatic and extrahepatic metabolismAssistant Professor, Pediatrics
2016Subhadra Gunawardana, PhDInsulin-independent reversal of diabetes with BAT transplants: role of IGF-1Associate Professor, Cell Biology and Physiology
2016Lydia-Ann Harris, PhDA role for FGF21 in the weight loss-independent metabolic effects of Roux-en-Y gastric bypassInstructor, Nutritional Sciences
2016Heather Lawson, PhDMolecular and functional characterization of brown adipose tissue expansion in high fat-fed SM/J miceAssistant Professor, Genetics
2016Rithwick Rajagopal, MD, PhDFenofibrate mitigates diabetic retinopathy through peroxisome proliferator-activator receptor-alphaAssistant Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Science
2016Rachel Tabak, PhDObjective physical activity in a worksite intervention to reduce obesity and diabetesAssistant Professor, Prevention Research Center
2015Jeffrey R. Millman, PhDImproved differentiation of human stem cells to beta cells with oxygen controlAssistant Professor,
Endocrinology, Metabolism & Lipid Research
2015Babak Razani, MD, PhDUse of a novel sugar to treat obesity and diabetesAssistant Professor, Cardiology
2015Dmitri Samovski, PhDRegulation of insulin and AMPK signaling by saturated fatty acidsInstructor, Nutritional Sciences
2015Mohamed Zayed, MD, PhDN-Acetyl-Cysteine for healing of amputation stumps in the setting of diabetesAssistant Professor, Surgery

Shared National Resource Consortium

University of Kentucky Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2018Julie S. Pendergast, PhDHow the liver tells time on high-fat diet: pathway to obesityAssistant Professor, Biology
2018Preetha Shridas, PhDSerum amyloid A- a novel mediator of adipose-tissue inflammation and insulin resistanceAssistant Professor, Endocrinology
2017Ana Bastos de Carvalho, MDOptimizing implementation of diabetic retinopathy telescreening: a pilot studyInstructor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2016Brian Finlin, PhDRegulation of pancreatic beta cell mass by adipose lipoprotein lipaseAssistant Professor, Endocrinology, University of Kentucky

University of Utah Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2018Katsuhiko Funai,PhDPhospholipid origin of NASHAssistant Professor, Molecular Medicine & Physical Therapy
2018Santhosh Karanth, MS, PhDA small molecule screen to discover inhibitors of Hepatic FOXN3 activityAssistant Professor, Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
2017Bhagirath Chaurasia, PhD, MScRole of Fgf13 and Bmp3 in regulating adipose tissue browning/beigingAssistant Professor, Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
2017Yu Kuei Lin, MDAmitriptyline in improving hypoglycemia recognition and courseAssistant Professor, Endocrinology
2016Sihem Boudina, PhDHyperinsulinemia suppresses cardiac autophagy through activation of IGF-1 receptor signalingAssistant Professor, Nutrition, University of Utah

University of Wisconsin Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2018Chi-Liang Eric Yen, PhDIntestinal lipid metabolism, gut microbiome, and pancreatic isletsAssociate Professor, Nutritional Sciences
2018Martin Zanni, PhDDeveloping a transgenic mouse model for amyloid oligomers thought responsible  for beta-cell toxicityProfessor, Chemistry
2017Barak Blum, PhDRobo receptors control the organization and function of the islets of LangerhansAssistant Professor, Cell and Regenerative Biology
2017Dudley W. Lamming, PhDRole of Fgf13 and Bmp3 in regulating adipose tissue browning/beigingAssistant Professor, Medicine and Public Health