YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2022Daniel Castro, PhDInvestigating the Role of Endogenous Opioids in Pancreatic Islets and MetabolismAssistant Professor, Washington University
2022Meaghan Creed, PhDTargeting the Ventral Pallidum to Reduce Individual Susceptibility to Diet-Induced ObesityAssociate Professor, Washington University
2022Daniel Ferguson, PhDMacrophage Mitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism in Nonalcoholic SteatohepatitisInstructor, Washington University
2021 Ghazal Ashrafi, PhD Metabolic Regulation of Synaptic Function in Diabetic Ketoacidosis Assistant Professor, Washington University
2021Jane O’Halloran, MD, PhD Impact of Integrase Inhibitors on Pancreatic Function in People with HIV Assistant Professor, Washington University
2021Mary Katherine Ray, PhDImpact of Glucose Variability on Dynamic Cognitive Function in High-Risk Youth with Type 1 DiabetesInstructor, Washington University
2021Christina Stallings, PhDAltered Diabetic Neutrophil Function Driving Increased Susceptibility to M. Tuberculosis Professor, Washington University
2020Ana Maria Arbelaez, MD, MSCI / Tamara Hershey, PhD Brain Vascular Health in T1D Associate Professor / Professor Washington University
2020Natalie Niemi, PhD The Role of the Mitochondrial Phosphatase Pptc7 in Enabling Metabolic Flexibility Assistant Professor, Washington University
2020Xiaoxiao Wan, MD, PhDExplore the Immunosuppressive Effects of Monoclonal Insulin Autoantibodies in Type 1 DiabetesAssistant Professor, Washington University

Shared National Resource Consortium

University of Kentucky Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2022Douglas Zhang, PhDDeveloping an Analytical Tool on Cytokine Profiling for DiabetesProfessor, University of Kentucky
2021Qingjun Wang, PhDPlatelet Metabolism in Diabetes MellitusAssistant Professor, University of Kentucky
2021Shuxia Wang, MD, PhDTargeting Brown Fat for Aging-Related Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesProfessor, University of Kentucky
2020Evangelia Kalaitzoglou, MD Myokines Involved in the TGF-Beta/activing Signaling Pathway in Type 1 Diabetes Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Special Submission / Co-Funded with Vanderbilt DRC
University of Kentucky DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2020Brittany Smalls, PhD, MHSADiabetes Reversal Outcomes Program (DROP): An Intervention Tailored for Rural CommunitiesAssistant Professor, University of Kentucky

University of Utah Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2022Claire Acevedo, PhDContribution of Collagen Damage and Defective Osteocyte to Diabetic Bone FragilityAssistant Professor, University of Utah
2022John Symons, PhDCeramide Driven Endothelial Cell Dysfunction Disrupts the Blood Brain Barrier Leading to Cognitive Decline in MiceProfessor, University of Utah
2021Michelle Litchman, PhD, FNPAdaptation and Refinement of a Multi-Modal Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program for Deaf Care PartnersAssistant Professor, University of Utah

University of Wisconsin Current DRC Pilot and Feasibility Projects

YearInvestigatorTitlePresent Position
2022David Andrew Harris, MDRational Design and Evaluation of Novel TGR5 Agonists to Treat DiabetesAssistant Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2021Caroline M Alexander, PhDDeveloping Mice to Test the Role of Skin in Modulating Energy MetabolismProfessor, University of Wisconsin
2021Lingjun Li, PhDA Mass Spectrometry-Enabled Multiomic Investigation of Pancreatic Islets in DiabetesProfessor, University of Wisconsin