The Director, Co-Directors, Core Directors and administrative staff of the DRC are charged with identifying faculty members who are either engaged in, or might be recruited to, diabetes and related endocrine/metabolic research.

Membership Criteria

1. Full-time Washington University faculty
2. Conducting research relating to diabetes or metabolism that is funded by the NIH, ADA, JDRF or other similar not-for-profit funding organization.
Or, current recipients of DRC Pilot & Feasiblity Awards.
Or, new faculty (within 5 years of first faculty appointment) who are developing new diabetes or metabolism research programs and are in the process of developing submissions for outside funding.

Core Use Privileges

DRC Members are eligible to use DRC biomedical cores pending availability of limited resources. Information on applying for use and chargeback rates for each individual core can be found from the Core directory page or by contacting specific Core Directors.

Pilot & Feasibility Program

Faculty at Washington University are eligible to submit letters of intent for Pilot & Feasibility Funding.

In order to remain in good standing as a member of the DRC, faculty must fulfill the following obligations:

1. Actively participate in a diabetes/metabolism research program and/or provide key leadership within the DRC. Participation will be defined broadly but will include writing publications or new research proposals, attendance at DRC sponsored conferences, seminars, etc.
2. Routinely provide information on publications, research support, clinical studies, and other research activities that may be needed to fulfill requirements for designation as a DRC.
3. Consistently acknowledge use of the DRC facilities, space or assistance (as appropriate) in publications.

New Applications

New applications will be reviewed by the DRC Program Director and Internal Advisory Committee. The applicant will receive notification by a letter of decision. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Application Renewals

All DRC members must reapply for membership every 5 years to maintain their membership status. Renewal applications must meet all the criteria listed for new applicants and applicants will be evaluated on their contributions to the DRC over the previous 5-year period. Applications will be reviewed by the DRC Program Director and Internal Advisory Committee.

DRC Application Form