The DRC sponsors an annual diabetes symposium held each November in honor of World Diabetes Day. This day-long program brings together DRC scientists and their trainees to showcase outstanding recent developments in diabetes research, to foster new collaborations, and to increase DRC scientists’ collective knowledge of diabetes research at Washington University and at other outstanding institutions.

Based on recommendations of the Internal Advisory Committee, one or two external experts are invited annually to deliver a lecture and interact with DRC investigators in a research forum where posters are presented by DRC laboratories (average 50/year) and in one-on-one meetings.

When possible, the Diabetes Day Program been coordinated with visits by External Advisors to the DRC, as lectures by these outstanding leaders in diabetes research are well suited for this occasion, and the opportunity to learn about a broad sampling of the DRC research at the poster session is invaluable in their assessment of Center productivity.

2023 Diabetes Day Symposium Recap


Information will be provided here when the 2024 Diabetes Day Symposium approaches.

Previous Diabetes Day Symposiums

Diabetes Day Symposium 2023

Lori Sussel, PhD
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

Diabetes Day Symposium 2022

Debbie Thurmond, PhD
City of Hope Beckman Research Institute

Diabetes Day Symposium 2021

Donald A. McClain, MD, PhD
Wake Forest Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Diabetes Day Symposium 2020

Jeffrey E. Pessin, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Diabetes Day Symposium 2019

Maike Sander, MD
University of California San Diego

Diabetes Day Symposium 2018

Steven E. Kahn, MB, ChB
University of Washington, Seattle

Diabetes Day Symposium 2017

Barbara Kahn, MD
Harvard Medical School

Diabetes Day Symposium 2016

Raghu Mirmira, MD, PhD
Indiana University

Diabetes Day Symposium 2015

Andrew F. Stewart, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Diabetes Day Symposium 2014

Karin E. Bornfeldt, Ph.D.
University of Washington

Diabetes Day Symposium 2013

Robert S. Sherwin, M.D.
Yale School of Medicine

Diabetes Day Symposium 2012

Alan R. Shuldiner, M.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Diabetes Day Symposium 2011

Michael W. Schwartz, M.D.
University of Washington

Diabetes Day Symposium 2010

Mark A. Magnuson, M.D.
Vanderbilt University

Jeffrey E. Pessin, Ph.D.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine