The mission of the Washington University School of Medicine Diabetes Research Center is to support and enhance research in diabetes and related metabolic diseases. Now in its 46th year of continuous NIDDK funding, this DRC is located at an outstanding research institution with a longstanding tradition of excellence in diabetes investigation. Our aims are

  • To create an environment that supports important as well as innovative research in diabetes and related metabolic disorders and attracts new scientists to the field.
  • To support cutting edge basic and clinical research related to etiology, pathogenesis, prevention and cure of diabetes through support of Biomedical Research Cores and a robust Pilot & Feasibility Program.
  • To raise awareness and interest in fundamental and clinical diabetes research through a dynamic Enrichment Program including conferences and symposia.
  • To translate new knowledge in diabetes to improved treatment of patients with diabetes.

Our long-term goal is the development of new preventive strategies and therapies aimed at improving the lives of those with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes and related metabolic disorders.