Nada Abumrad, PhD

Nada Abumrad, PhD

Dr. Robert C. Atkins Professor of Medicine and Obesity Research

Research Interest


Metabolic Regulation and Obesity

Signal Transduction/Hormone Action

Islet Biology and Immunology

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Descriptor of Research

Research in my group is focused on the role of fatty acid uptake and utilization in the cellular response to stress and how this influences development of abnormalities linked to Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. In particular we are interested in how these processes are impacted by alterations in the cellular trafficking and turnover of the membrane protein CD36, which has been implicated in complications of insulin resistance. On the translational level we are interested in studying the functional impact of polymorphisms in the CD36 gene and how they can impact individual variability of lipid utilization and susceptibility to metabolic disease.

Center for Human Nutrition