Leslie S. Gewin, MD

Leslie S. Gewin, MD

Associate Professor, Nephrology

Research Interest


Metabolic Regulation and Obesity

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Descriptor of Research

The kidney proximal tubule is highly metabolically active and uses fatty acid oxidation as its preferred source of energy. We are investigating how metabolism of the proximal tubule changes in chronic kidney injury and whether these changes are adaptive or maladaptive. In addition, we are interested in how cell cycle changes in the injured tubules affect metabolism and how these changes determine renal repair or progression to tubulointerstitial fibrosis and loss of function. We currently have an R01 funded by NIDDK to investigate the relationship between cell cycle and metabolism in the injured tubules. In addition, we have mice lacking the key transporter, Cpt1a, specifically in the renal tubules and are investigating how this affects aging and response to injury.