Antonina Frolova, MD, PhD

Antonina Frolova, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Maternal-Fetal Medicine; OBGYN

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My central research goal is to improve labor outcomes of women with obesity. My lab is thus conducting clinical, translational, and basic research focusing on the effects of maternal obesity on obstetric outcomes. Our primary research is focused on the mechanisms of abnormal labor and abnormal myometrial contractility observed in women with obesity. These clinical complications contribute to the high incidence of cesarean deliveries, postpartum hemorrhage, and associated maternal morbidity. While the association between maternal obesity and abnormal labor has been well documented, the mechanisms responsible for this remain unknown. We developed a mouse model of diet-induced obesity that recapitulates the dysfunctional labor patterns seen in women with obesity and can be applied for further mechanistic studies. Our current major focus in the lab is to understanding the mechanisms of myometrial energy metabolism in control and obese mice during parturition.

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