Aaron Norris, MD, PhD

Aaron Norris, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology

Research Interests

Metabolic Regulation

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Descriptor of Research

We have preliminary results implicating neurons expressing the opioid receptor (KOR) in the central in regulating metabolism and thermogenesis. As part of broader studies with seek to understand how these neurons and circuits regulate in metabolism in response to thermal and caloric stressors. In the near term, we aim test the role of the opioid receptor system in the hypothalamus in modulating metabolism. In preliminary studies we have shown that activation KOR receptors with systemic agonists leads to rapid activation of BAT. We have identified neurons that drive profound hypothermia suppression of metabolism when activated. The neurons express KOR. We will test if the role of theses neurons in regulating metabolism in response to thermal, circadian, and caloric challenges. Long term, we aim to understand how regulation of metabolism is related at the neural circuit level to sleep,
circadian rhythms and disturbances of those processes.