Rachel G. Tabak, PhD, RD

Rachel G. Tabak, PhD, RD

Research Associate Professor, Prevention Research Center

Research Interest

Prevention and Control

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Descriptor of Research

Rachel Tabak is a part of the Prevention Research Center and the Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change and works in obesity prevention and community-based physical activity and nutrition strategies. She is also interested in dissemination and implementation research. With a strong background in nutrition, Dr. Tabak is involved in research studies examining interventions to promote healthy nutrition and activity behaviors in families, particularly in the home environment. She also evaluates the effect of worksite policies and environments on worker health behaviors. Dr. Tabak’s work includes translation and evaluation of evidence-based obesity prevention interventions that allow for broad reach. She examines how key stakeholders, including researchers, advocates, and policymakers, affect how research evidence is transformed into programs and policies. Dr. Tabak’s previous research interests include measurement and evaluation of home environment influences on children’s diet as well as interventions to modify this environment. Dr. Tabak is a registered dietitian.