Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Professor of Radiology, Department of Radiology

Research Interest

Metabolic regulation and obesity

Descriptor of Research

My primary research interests are computational biology of metabolism (including metabolic control) and its integration with medical imaging (e.g., Positron Emission Tomography, PET). We use mathematical models of metabolic pathways to characterize the molecular circuitry of metabolism and metabolic imaging agents in silico. Insights for mathematical models are derived from gene-expression data among others. Image quantification is accomplished through kinetic and statistical modeling of imaging agents. The interplay between therapeutic interventions, systems biology, and molecular imaging is also considered in this effort through pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics modeling. To facilitate these efforts, my lab is also working on image processing and analysis algorithms to integrate information across modalities. Current projects include characterizing metabolic abnormalities in the progression of diabetes in the heart and the wholebody through multi-tracer multi-tissue metabolic phenotyping.

Mallincrkrodt Institute of Radiology