Ken Murphy, MD, PhD

Ken Murphy, MD, PhD

Eugene Opie First Centennial Professor of Pathology & Immunology | Director of Immunology Program – DBBS | Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Research Interest

Signal Transduction/Hormone Action

Islet Biology and Immunology

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Descriptor of Research

Some of the work in Dr. Murphy’s lab intersects with studies on diabetes. Dr. Murphy’s discovery of the Batf3 transcription factor’s control of the development of the cross-presenting CD8a+ dendritic cell subset has led to analysis of the role this cell plays in several settings of infection and autoimmunity. In particular, after backcrossing the Batf3-/- mice onto the non-obese diabetic (NOD) genetic background, in collaboration with Dr. Emil Unanue, we are now finding a requirement for this subset of dendritic cell in development of the autoimmune response in NOD mice.

Pathology and Immunology