Douglas L. Mann, MD

Douglas L. Mann, MD

Ada L. Steininger Professor of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Division | Lewin Chair and Professor of Medicine

Research Interest

Metabolic Regulation and Obesity

Signal Transduction/Hormone Action

Category(ies) of Research




Descriptor of Research

Dr. Mann’s work in the area of diabetes and metabolism related research has focused primarily in the area of the impact of the metabolic syndrome and obesity on heart failure. ¹² His group has shown that the prevalence of metabolic syndrome is high in patients with systolic heart failure and that mortality was lower in patients with metabolic syndrome compared to those without, in keeping with the obesity paradox.¹ In a follow on study, Dr. Mann’s group demonstrated that weight loss in a small group of patients with systolic heart failure did not have any effect on the quality of life.² Since coming to Washington University, Dr. Mann has collaborated with Dr. Lindman to demonstrate that cardiac remodeling is attenuated in diabetic patients who undergo aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis.³  More recently Dr. Mann has obtained NIH grant support to study the role of SALsalate in patients with diastolic heart failure in type 2 diabetes (1U10HL 110309-01).

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